Bernd Ogrodnik:FIGURA is a Company based in Iceland, offering excellence and innovation in the filed of Puppetry since 1986. It’s acclaimed productions and exquisite marionette, puppet and mask creations have been premiered on stages, films, television and museums around the globe. While being primarily a one-man company, Figura frequently invites other fine artist to participate in the creation and presentation of larger projects. Homebase is an elaborate 200 square meter studio space, on a remote farm not far from the artic circle. In this highly equipped workshop, theater and film studio, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and horses new works are created and produced. From the seclusion of this sanctuary, Performance-tours to all regions of the planet are conducted. Bernd Ogrodnik was born 1961 in Germany he founded his company (formerly known as Alchemilla Puppetworks) in 1986 while living in Iceland. After moving to the USA and Canada for ten years, he now makes his home in Iceland again, where he developed a strong affiliation with the National Theater. He works a performer, designer, builder, teacher and director. His approach is strongly influenced by his background as a classical musician, illustrator, woodworker and martial artist, and his work has best been described as “food for the soul, not chewing gum for the eyes”. Highlights Movies & Television 1987: Puppet Master for “Paper Peter”, TV series - German /Icelandic Co-production 1988: Puppet Master for “Paper Peter”, the movie. – Iceland 1989: Gryla and her 13 sons, - TV-Iceland 1993: Documentary “The Puppet Master”, TV – NY, USA 2002: Puppet Master for “Strings” the movie. - Denmark 2004: Puppet Master for “Samuel”, educational accident prevention program, produced for Icelandic TV 2005: Puppet Master for “The Magic Book” 24 TV episodes for Icelandic TV Highlights Tourneys’ 1995: Intern. Festival of Puppetry, San Diego, CA, USA Intern. Festival of Puppetry, Brynn Marr, PA, USA 1996: Intern. Festival of Puppetry Ottawa Canada. Intern. Puppet Theater Festival, Jim Henson Foundation New York, NY, USA 1997: Intern. tour sponsored by Goethe Institute, Baltic States and Finland Intern. Theater Festival Seoul, Korea 1998: Intern. Theater Festival Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1999: Intern. Festival of Puppet Theater Silkeborg, Denmark “Cultural Exchange” Delegate, Director for “Little Bird” Greenland 2000: Performance tour Canada and USA 2001: Performance tour Denmark and Germany 2002: Intern. Performers Showcase and tour Vancouver, BC, Canada 2003: Michael J. Fox Theater Vancouver, BC, Canada 2004: Lecture/performance for Unima Oslo, Norway Intern. Festival of Puppetry Fredrecia, Denmark 2005: Klaufar og Kongsdaetur – National Theater of Iceland 2006: Iceland 2006: Methamorphosis – National Theater of Iceland O’Neill Theater Center – Life of a Tree T.USA Highlights Productions 1990: “Puppets, Music and the Unexpected 1993: “The Little Troll and the Witch 1998: “The Jumping Mouse” 1995: “Puppet Serenade” 1997: “About Face”, co production with Larry Hunt 2000: “Grylas Pancake” 2005: “Klaufar og Kongsdaetur” 2006: “Metamorphosis – Umbreyting 2007: “Peter and the Wolf”