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Peter and the Wolf

PETUR AND THE WOLF by Sergei Prokofiev

In a Puppet play by Bernd Ogrodnik

Musik and Story by Sergei Prokofiev

Bearbeitung, Puppeteer, Puppets and set: Bernd Ogrodnik

Assistancewith leikstjorn: Thorhallur Sigurdsson

Costumes: Helga Bjort Moller

Soundwork: Ari Baldursson

Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf


In 1936 the director of the Moscov Children’s Theater, Natali Ilyinichna Satz suggested to Prokofiev that he should compose a symphonic tale which would familiarize young people with the instruments of the orchestra. She believed that this would best be accomplished by letting the music tell a story.

It took the Master only one week to complete the text and set it to music, and by the end of a second week he had orchestrated the piece.

These are the Characters and the instruments by which they are represented.


Peter – violin

Bird – flute

Duck – oboe

Cat – klarinette

Grandpa – Basoon (fagot)

Wolf – 3 horn

Gunshots of Hunters – pakur


Artist statement:

Prokofiev’s music is so stunningly beautiful and picturesque, that I debated for a long time if it is appropriate to actually visualize his music. I simply could not resist the temptation, but I have attempted to honor the composers work by staging the play true to the original story and letting the music guide the narration.

Also true to Russian/European tradition the Puppets and the Set are entirely made of wood (Linden wood and Icelandic Birch)

I hope that this play will bring as much joy to you as I had creating it, and that it will indeed inspire to further explore the magical world of classical music.


Length of the performance:  35 minutes

Requiremnts; two outlets, one chair

performance space: minimum width 3meter

                                minimum depth  2meter


Special thanks to Naxos for permission to use the 1989 recording of the Czechoslovak Radio Symphony Orchestra under the conductor Ondrej Lenard.

This performance was partially funded by a grant Kulture fund Kea and Children Cultural Fund.

Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
Peter - Wolf
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