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Little Shop of Horror

The little shop of Horror:

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The building process of the various sizes of the infamous man-eating plant Audrey, led to the expansion of the Figura-workshop space. Constructed so that only one puppeteer would be able to manipulate the gigantic puppet, its strength, weight and maneuverability were of significant importance.

It was decided to lend Audrey the haunting female voice of famed Icelandic singer Andrea Gylfadottir. We gave Audrey the look of a deadly La Femme Fatale, with lustrous lips and swinging curves that would eventually evolve to a monstrous deadly trap devouring whole actors.

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What we were most pleased with was her organic appearance, achieved by layers of sawdust and woodchips glued over the surface of foam sculpted complete with warts and wrinkles.

The performance under the direction of Magnus Geir Þórðarson was a huge success and played before sold out audiences both in Leikfelag Islands and the Icelandic Opera.


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