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Highlights Movies & Television
1987: Puppet Master for “Paper Peter”, TV series - German /Icelandic Co-production
1988: Puppet Master for “Paper Peter”, the movie. – Iceland
1989: Gryla and her 13 sons, - TV-Iceland
1993: Documentary “The Puppet Master”, TV – NY, USA
2002: Puppet Master for “Strings” the movie. - Denmark
2004: Puppet Master for “Samuel”, educational accident prevention program, produced for Icelandic TV
2005: Puppet Master for “The Magic Book” 24 TV episodes for Icelandic TV
Highlights Tourneys’

1995: Intern. Festival of Puppetry, San Diego, CA, USA Intern. Festival of Puppetry, Brynn Marr, PA, USA
1996: Intern. Festival of Puppetry Ottawa Canada. Intern. Puppet Theater Festival, Jim Henson Foundation New York, NY, USA
1997: Intern. tour sponsored by Goethe Institute, Baltic States and Finland Intern. Theater Festival Seoul, Korea
1998: Intern. Theater Festival Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1999: Intern. Festival of Puppet Theater Silkeborg, Denmark “Cultural Exchange” Delegate, Director for “Little Bird” Greenland
2000: Performance tour Canada and USA
2001: Performance tour Denmark and Germany
2002: Intern. Performers Showcase and tour Vancouver, BC, Canada
2003: Michael J. Fox Theater Vancouver, BC, Canada
2004: Lecture/performance for Unima Oslo, Norway Intern. Festival of Puppetry Fredrecia, Denmark
2005: Klaufar og Kongsdaetur – National Theater of Iceland
2006: Iceland
2006: Methamorphosis – National Theater of Iceland O’Neill Theater Center – Life of a Tree T.USA

Highlights Productions

1990: “Puppets, Music and the Unexpected
1993: “The Little Troll and the Witch
1998: “The Jumping Mouse”
1995: “Puppet Serenade”
1997: “About Face”, co production with Larry Hunt
2000: “Grylas Pancake”
2005: “Klaufar og Kongsdaetur”
2006: “Metamorphosis – Umbreyting
2007: “Peter and the Wolf”
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