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Ronja Robber Daughter


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The story of Ronja Robber Daughter by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren has been one of my absolute favorite books of all times. When I was asked by the City Theater of Iceland to construct the puppets for the upcoming theater production under the same title, I did not have to decide for long before taking on the making of the various fantastic creatures of the story.

The little Gnomes were constructed as rod puppets, carved of linden wood and supplied  with moving eyes.

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The evil Drueds, being half human and half bird, were constructed in two ways, and build out of makralon Plexiglas and foam. One as marionette operated by two puppeteers hovering high above the large stage, assisted by one third person with strings leading to the side presidium. Thus the large almost human sized creatures could fly in near realistic fashion to attack poor Ronja who was lost in the forest. Complete with glowing eyes and deadly talons they were a frightening sight to behold. Another of these creatures functioned more as a robot. Attached to a mechanism suspended from two wires stretched across the stage, the puppet could be pulled from one end of the stage to the other, while automatically flapping her huge wings. Since the mechanisms were out of sight of the audience, it gave the illusion of a creature flying through the theater.

The spectacular sets were designed by Sigurjón Jóhannson, and the play was directed by Sigrun Edda Bjornsdóttir

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